Who we are

Who we are

Imagine if every bottle of wine on the shelf tasted the same. If the sommelier only gave you one option. And if every dish was paired with the same grape, every time.

Who we are

That’s what happens with honey, all over the world.

Having kept bees for generations on our family farm in Moldova, having trained beekeepers across Europe in sustainable practices, and having seen what nature can create, we realised there was a problem.
Beekeepers like us were producing the most stunning varieties of honey. Rich. Sweet. Earthy. Runny. Thick. Deep. Woody. And yet the factory process of mixing varieties together, then adding sweeteners, was making every honey on the supermarket shelves taste the same.
With a collective of independent, sustainable beekeepers we know and trust, we set out to make honey special again. And Deukes – meaning sweet in Ancient Greek – was born. Instead of mixing varieties, our honeys are ‘monofloral’, meaning the nectar comes from one species of plant. (As much as you can stop bees from flying further afield, anyway.)

Each one has its own taste. Its own special colour. And its own unique health benefits, which our beekeepers and communities have known of for thousands of years.

Other than testing for quality, the honey is untouched by human hands. It is as raw as the hive intended, with the taste of every flower and landscape deep within.

Drizzle over breakfast. Scoop up with cheese. Stir through tea. And discover a different taste, and journey, with every jar.

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