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Our honey comes from fields, forests and hillsides. Made by bees from the nectar of single flower species, each one has a distinct taste and a unique story. Drizzle on French sunshine. Stir in the soft Aeolian breeze. Spread the last rays of a magical Moldovan summer.


A journey in every jar

A journey in every jar

Every jar of honey starts with a flower. Bright, yellow flowers covering fields as far as the eye can see. Deep, purple flowers swaying softly. Tough, earthy flowers blanketing hillsides and valleys.

And with each flower, comes a distinct taste. Not just of the nectar itself, but of the landscape. The earth and soil below, and the rain, sunshine and clouds above.

Our honey is extracted raw, by independent beekeepers in Europe our family have known for generations. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Nothing lost. Pure, monofloral magic.

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